Friday, 6 August 2010

Happy Birthday to is 17 years old today

Calligraphity began its life 17 years ago supplying local calligraphy groups throughout Scotland and nothern England with books and supplies. Customers were sent newsletters that were created on the computer but in those days needed to be sent out in the post as not too many people have e-mail. Stuffing 100's of envelopes with 12 pages of A4 printouts was not a pleasant way to spend the evening... but the local post mistress looked forward to my monthly visit!!

How things have changed. Nowadays, with e-mail, websites, facebook, blogs etc life is better.

Don't forget that the Summer Sale ends at 24h00 (UK Time) on Sunday 18th 2010 and you will get 10% discount on all orders posted before the deadline.

Check-out the New Books section for some amazing new books on Bookbinding by Kathy Abbots, Jeannine Stein, and Michael Jacobs; Dugital Expressions by Susan Tuttle; Shapes for Sounds by Timothy Donaldson; 3 new Pop-up Card books; Mexican Blackletter; Denise Lach inspiring new book; the new revised Paperback edition of The Gilded Page, and many others that will inspire you and your creativity.

yours, Charlie

Thursday, 8 July 2010 starts blogging... Web-site re-launch and Summer Sale

This is the first blog... at this stage I do not really know what I am doing as I have never even subscribed to a blog so far... I guess it is time to do some research in that area.

I want to use this to get any hot info I have out to the global calligraphic community... In this blog, the main objectives are...
1/ for me to get a better understanding of this phenomenon
2/ to let you know that the web-site has been recently relaunched with a better look and feel and is getting some good feedback
3/ our Re-Launch and Summer Sale is to be extended through to the 15th of August offering 10% discount on all order made through the new website.

If you have any questions on need to get in touch, please e-mail me: